And The Darkness Bangs + B​-​Sides

by Cold in Berlin



Though the band didn't experience much of the 1980's first hand CiB's 'And The Darkness Bangs' echoes an unfairly musically maligned decade. Not the synths of Tory pop but the brutal guitars of 'Our band could your life' albums from the fledgling alternative scene. Swans, Shellac and Sonic Youth from the US. And from the UK the chorus, reverb and delay pedals of Bauhaus, Joy Division and The Jesus and Mary Chain. The drums remain as solid as ever with pounding overdubs locking tight to future classic basslines.
But it's the scale of the sound that announces itself on the singles '...and the darkness bangs' and 'Take Control'. If 'Give Me Walls' was dark and spiky, the follow up sounds like a solid black wall of sonic death. Darker, heavier, slower, faster, better. Haunting vocals over massive drums. Driving bass versus eerie guitar lines. Choral chants of historical reenactment.


released February 28, 2012



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Cold in Berlin London, UK


'get sucked into their dark whirlpool of noise' Mojo

'Translators for our imploding society' ArtRocker

'A a voice that could fell oaks at 100 meters... razor-sharp guitar wizardry.' Q Magazine

'A mesmerising set of doomy, goth-infused tracks' Metal Hammer.
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Track Name: And The Darkness Bangs
Loud is the wolf that howls in the heart of me!